Beth Lindsay’s art explodes with bold and vibrant color.  As a child, she dreamt of being a dancer; she creates with that in mind.  Striving to get colors and shapes to dance and move in a playful and pleasing way, her pieces are joyously unrestrained. Her process involves applying many layers of paint, then scratching, scraping and wiping through to reveal sweet little tidbits. Paintings that are courageous, flowing, thick with texture and experimentation and ripe with color, make her feel exhilarated.  


Growing up with an artistic family, surrounded by eclectic design and an education rich in different artistic styles led to Beth’s passion for contemporary art.  In addition to her paintings, Beth has a jewelry design business; her jewelry reflects her love of contemporary and spirited design.


Beth grew up in Evergreen, CO and feels blessed to be able to create to her heart’s content in the mountains she loves.